Short Story Sunday


Wow, Short Story Sunday has been hard! April has been hard! Life is just bleepin’ hard guys. This last month has really taken the life out of me, emotionally and physically. But, the last two days have been good to me!

So my first week of SSS, the week before this–saw me writing about a music festival. I fell in way over my head with that one. I spent more time researching than writing. And while that’s usually alright, the point of SSS is to get me writing–get me back to my kind of roots. I ended up abandoning the story at only 1,000 words.

This week I’ve puttered with the prompt of a marriage that’s long distance, meaning that the couple is married but one of them works away from home a lot. It started out pretty rough, I won’t lie. I sat around and wrote while a show or movie played in the background.

And then, something miraculous happened. I got my tax refund check. Which meant that I could purchase a long needed item, noise-cancelling headphones!

My story took off like crazy.

Yesterday I wrote for 30 minutes, walked away for 30 minutes, and repeated the process. I ended up writing just over 2,300 words. I tried to do the same all day today, since I had the day off, and I think I’ve just crested 1,000 words. It’s not a whole lot and the story is far from over, but it’s a very promising push.

For the last month and a half, I’ve felt guilty when I’m not writing but when it comes to writing, I couldn’t. I froze up. I have a lot going on. But this week has taught me I can do it, I just need to do it (insert Shia LaBeouf gif here).

I think I’m going to let this story ride into this week so that I can wrap it and, hopefully, not lose any motivation I’ve gained yesterday and today.

So. I’m holding myself to a higher set of responsibility than I ever have before, and it’s all because of this story.


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