Short Story Sunday **NEW**

Hey Guys, what’s up?

So, I’m starting something new on my blog,


‘Short Story Sunday.’

Instead of writing a different 1,000 word story every day that doesn’t really have a plot or anything, I’m going to be writing a short story a week. This way I can focus more on story line, plot, characters, description, etc. I feel it’ll help my overall writing instead of just hashing out words onto my screen and not fulfilling my ideas I had when I read the prompt.

I’m putting my minimum weekly word count at 4,500 words and infinite as my maximum–because you never know.

Each Sunday I’m going to post about the writing prompt or idea or whatever spawned the story, the word count, if I’d come back to it to lengthen (or shorten, because I’ve always written strong short stories and flash fiction), and if I learned anything about writing or myself or my writing style.

I got this idea like Wednesday afternoon, but I wanted to wait so I’d have a full week instead of starting off rough.

Stay tuned!


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