What I’m Reading Wednesday **NEW**

I’m starting a few new aspects to my blog everyone! Wednesdays I’ll be updating you on what I’m reading, writing, listening to, watching, etc.

For our first What I’m Reading Wednesday (WIRW):

Reading: The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

Writing: A short story that I will update you on come this Sunday for Short Story Sunday! A few different articles for the local paper that includes flexible seating at one of the town’s elementary schools, gardening preparation, and a feature about a horse rider—stay tuned.

Listening To: As I’ve said before, I listen to podcasts while I clean hotel rooms, lately I’ve been listening to an interview with author Bob Harris, author Karina Longworth, and author John Green.

Watching: I’ve been catching up on Achievement Hunter’s side channel Let’s Play GTA V, something I’ve watched for years now. I also have been binge watching American Dad on Netflix because Fox is awful and is taking away everything I hold dear from Netflix (this also includes Bob’s Burgers).


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