Friggin’ Day Light Savings & Podcasts

I honestly do not see the point of day light savings. Having to work Sunday morning, loosing a whole hour of sleep really messed with my head. On top of that not being a super morning person killed me.

So, Sunday was pretty much gone for me. Non-functioning human being over here.

It’s Wednesday and I’m still totally off. Which brings me to the point of this post, I’m trying to post every week and forgot what day it was. All day Monday, I was sure it was Sunday. Tuesday, I was sure it was Monday. Today I’ve been thinking it’s Thursday. Okay, that last one doesn’t make sense. But, my plan is to post every single Tuesday for the rest of my life. Or until I start posting more than once a week, who knows man.

Once I decided I wouldn’t return to bartending, I wanted a job that didn’t rely on tips. No serving. No barista. Like, I’m still 110% done with serving life–for now. I applied to a local hotel for a housekeeping position. At first, I was scared because I, the social butterfly, would be working in a solitary environment. It’s been almost two months and I don’t know how I stood having to listen to people, especially drunk people.

Jumping ahead, I can listen to music when I work since I clean hotel rooms by myself. I did that for a while and then I remembered that podcasts were a thing. I have the app Podcast Addict. There, I searched the term ‘writers,’ and found a holy grail The Nerdist and let me tell you, this is pretty sweet.

My favorites so far:

Maureen Johnson

John Green

Brad Meltzer and Tod Goldberg

Christine Lennon/Bob Daily

Patrick Ness


Alan Ball

It’s so easy to throw on an episode and clean and think about how I can apply what the writers are saying to my own work. **Secret, my favorite of my favorites is Maureen Johnson. She’s got solid energy throughout and talks extensively about her ‘writing diet’ and how she threw everything she could at the wall of writing life and saw what stuck there. I’ve listened to it about ten times, but I still get something new from it each time.

You should check it out and I totally want you to know this is #notsponsored even though I wish it was, but it’s a great podcast.









One thought on “Friggin’ Day Light Savings & Podcasts

  1. Hahah it’s so funny because were about to head in the opposite direction! On 2nd April our clocks move backwards, so I get an extra hour of sleep! Yay! Downside, it will be dark in the evenings especially as winter approches 🙂


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