1,000 Words a Day

Happy Windy Evening Everyone!

Instead of rambling on and on about what I want this blog to be, you’ll have to stay tuned and see where I go from here–or check out my ‘about me’ page.

I’m going to jump right into the content that I want to share with the writing world, the young writers who don’t think they have a chance, the young writers on their way to a great future, and my grandfather who is going to send me his ‘story’ (aka his life) from birth to the age of thirty-nine.

Also, everyone in between and passers by.

I’ve been on reddit for one year and one month–and have no recollection of joining. At first, I used it to look up funny pictures and gifs. Sub-reddits about DIY furniture refurbish projects and  of course r/nosleep. Then I realized that they had other, more specific sub-reddits.

That’s when I found r/americandad. And then I found r/writing. If you haven’t used reddit as an app, or on the internet, it can be hit and miss with servers (that sounds smart and partially right). So, there I was thumbing past the same ‘top’ posts I’d seen five times when I saw it.

A post about what happened after a reddit user, u/moebius23 wrote 1,000 words every day. Actually, I just found out that moebius23 has posted progress over three years now. Hold up a second and I’ll be back. ( Here’s the link! )

Okay, so the updated post has a lot of information that is solid advice if you can’t quite write every day. But, I’m going to speak a little on moebius23’s other installment, where they speak to the idea that it’s easy to fall out of writing 1,000 words a day.

Because it is! I wrote 1,000 words a day for five days. I also did my ‘day job’ these days. As soon as I had a day off, I rested. I slept and did some things around the house. Surprise, I didn’t write my 1,000 words. Or the the day after, which I also had off, or today, which I also have off. I’m beginning to feel like I’m either going to have to yank these 1,000 words from my soul with a rusty tweezers or hope that I write tomorrow, when I work.

Anybody have any rusty tweezers?


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